How to Avoid Gossip


This year more than ever I find myself with people I have either never met or hardly know. Whether you’re with people you’ve known your whole life, your significant other, or a group of new friends you need the Chat pack.

My aunt Heather got the original Chat Pack as a gift last Christmas. You can order it on Amazon Prime for $10 and it’s worth every penny. If you’re like me you may think go-around-questions can be annoying but these aren’t! It may seem silly to write a blog post on these little cards but here are three things they’ve helped me do:

Avoid gossip. It’s a great theory (avoiding gossip) but what else do we talk about?! I can pull these cards out during baseball games, car rides, and parties to keep the conversation away from any negative talk. If the only information we know about the other person is our mutual friends it will be hardnot to gossip. In conversation it feels awkward and borderline impolite to talk about ourselves. These questions are the perfect neutral third party in forcing you to pick a new topic!

Grow closer. This weekend I was in Rosemary Beach for a Bachelorette Weekend. I had never met most of the bridesmaids but we all shared a love for the bride. We could only talk about how we would do our hair and makeup forso long before it got boring. At dinner we whipped the cards out and I genuinely felt like I got to know each and every one of them!

Learn to Listen. Who doesn’t love the opportunity to tell a favorite story or make a crowd laugh? Let someone else have a turn. This game allows everyone the opportunity to share. In my family of loud entertaining women it’s fun to hear from my brother when it’s his turn.

In some crowds we ask one question and the conversation organically flows throughout the night all the while forgetting it started with a question. In larger crowds we’ve pulled questions and chosen a friend to answer. The questions are marketed as “fun questions to spark conversations.” Meaning sparking the conversation not dictating the topics. Let the answers flow freely and take the conversation where it leads. Some are serious, others hypothetical, and a few imaginative.

This little card game has been a staple for me this year and I’m never without it. Shout-out to Auntie Heath for scoring on yet another gift. This game would be perfect for the Holidays & may come in handy for keeping a light hearted table. Even Brian’s friends have grown to love the questions. This isn’t an ad I just think they’re great. If you’re looking for a good hostess gift or little Christmas gift, order a Chat Pack!

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