3 Reasons It's Hard To Be Ourselves


1. We put too much stake in our image instead of our identity.

Image is all about perception, not our definition. There’s a catch: we cannot control someone’s perception. We can only control the way we define ourselves, aka our identity. The best way to fight against image obsession is to stop relying on others to validate your worth. Easier said than done, but vital to our well-being. My worth is found in my identity as a Christian. God tells me He loves me and I choose to believe him. If you need to hear those words today, click here.

2. Fear keeps us from admitting to growth & change.

I became a Christian my freshman year of college. The hardest part of my life-change was going back to school after spring break wanting to be different. It was terrifying. What would my friends think? How could I ever be different? My reputation was an obstacle in the way of my future. I made a decision to take it one day at a time. Those months were humbling and confusing. Don’t let fear keep you from living into who you were meant to be. Fear likes to hold us hostage. Whatever you’re afraid to jump in to today, make one clear step toward your goal. Rip the first decision off like a bandaid–it’s always the hardest–create an end goal worth the growing pain of transformation. I promise you’re worth it, and it gets easier.

3. Individuality is reserved for “them.”

You know who I’m talking about. Her. The girl who can walk into a room, be silly, dance, and laugh at herself. Or the guy who is the life of the party with a friend in every circle. I was never that girl. The conscious, awkward effort exhausted me. To me, confident felt like being an extrovert (someone I am not). Confidence follows acceptance. My acceptance of being an introvert lead tomore confidence than ever. Because I have nothing to prove. I know who I am and what I need. No one needs an explanation. Bold people are not the only ones who can afford the luxury of individuality; it’s available to anyone for the taking.