An Unexpected Gift From My 80 Year Old Neighbor


If you follow me on Instagram you know about Trevor.  

For those of you who don’t, Trevor lives next door to Brian and I. We befriended him shortly after moving in and he has become a dear friend to us Millers. Here’s the catch: he’s really old. I’m not exactly sure just how old but in his 80s. He’s widowed and has no grandkids.

Brian spends a ton of time with Trevor. And Brian is a big nickname guy, so of course he calls him "Trev". They watch shows, go to the driving range, adventure to Lowe’s, and plan pranks on the neighbors. This summer Brian found out he has to get surgery again. It’s minor, but surgery nonetheless, and like most things these days we talk it over then we go talk to Trevor.

The morning after we spoke to Trevor I was working and I hear a knock at the door. I knew from the knock it was Trevor because he’s old school–he uses the knocker. I immediately jumped up because it makes me nervous when he treks up the stairs, cane and all.

Before I could get the door open all the way he told me to be ready at 3 o’clock. He was going to buy Brian a recliner.

I’m not great at accepting gifts. So of course I refused. He grabbed my arm gently and told me no, he was buying the recliner. He made his case: he wanted Brian to sleep comfortably, it needed a remote control recline, and the only reason he was asking me is because he wanted my approval for the house. I could tell I wasn’t wining this argument so I genuinely replied, "Aw Trevor that makes me want to cry." His response actually did bring me to tears, "Megan I cried all night after Brian told me the news."

I peaked out the window around 2:45 and he was already sitting in his car waiting for me. His smile was so big as we walked into the furniture store when they called him by name and directed us to the recliner section. I pieced together the fact that he had been there that morning picking out the best options for Brian. He showed me his ideas and bought us the best recliner in the room.

Trevor didn’t stop there. He bought insurance, paid for delivery, and even tried to give me cash to tip the delivery man well. Because that’s the way Trevor is. I paused for a minute and looked over at him and reminded him this was so generous and I was so grateful. This was his response, "I can’t spend it while I’m gone. Brian always takes care of me, and I am so happy I get to take care of him."

People I’m getting choked up recounting the weekend. Anytime I doubt God’s faithfulness and provision in my life I remember Trevor. Trev teaches me that accepting gifts well is as much a blessing to someone as giving the gift. Jesus is the same way, a gift, we receive in full in our own time.