How I Met My Husband


“Megan I just met your husband.” This is the text message I received sometime in January of 2013 from my older sister, Taylor. Here’s the thing about Taylor—she loves to exaggerate. So when I read her text in my freshman dorm room at the University of Oregon (VERY uninterested in meeting a husband at 18) I rolled my eyes.

A few weeks later she sent another text message, “My friend Brian, (the one I want to set you up with), is coming to the University of Oregon. He plays baseball for Vanderbilt University and his team is playing the Ducks. You should text him! Here is his number!”

I thought to myself, “My friends and I did talk about going to a baseball game this spring... what do I have to lose? I’ll text him.”

These aren’t verbatim but I will paraphrase the said text messages:

“Hey Brian, my name is Megan Bonds. I am Taylor’s sister. I heard you’re coming to Oregon. If you and your baseball friends want to hang out with me and my sorority sisters, let me know!” –Me

“Hey thanks, but no thanks.” –Brian


I went to the game anyway with a few of my girlfriends because it was a picturesque spring day and we had nothing better to do. Although I didn’t admit it, I wanted to scope out this Brian Miller. I saw him jolt from the dugout a few times... only to shag a foul ball… and we left after the 5th inning.

My fingers went straight to my screen to craft a text to my sister. My bratty text went something like, “I just went to the game. Why’re you trying to set me up with a guy that doesn’t even play?” (This was before I knew what about the position, “closing pitcher.” Also before I learned he was a record holding closing pitcher. But I’m glad I didn’t know then.)

The Megan then did not have a personal relationship with God. I was days away from my rock bottom and a night that changed me forever. I didn’t want a guy my sister thought was great because she was a Christian, and Christian guys were weird, so I didn’t mind his denial.

I never thought about him again until August.

God has a great way of protecting our hearts and this is one of my favorites. I was visiting Taylor in Nashville after a summer of transformation. In March of 2013 I made a decision to accept God into my heart and follow Him. I sat at my sister’s kitchen table in her college apartment in Nashville, TN telling her how God was calling me into ministry. I told her I was going to go back to Oregon and create a Greek Life ministry.

In her loving way she nudged me to sit down with her friend, Mackenzie, to talk to her about Belmont University’s School of Theology. Mackenzie and I sat down at Fido and she shared her story of faith, ministry, and the Christian Leadership major at Belmont University. This was exactly what I wanted to do.

I walked back to Taylor’s apartment and had a conversation with God. I asked Him to open up a door for me. That morning Taylor dropped me off at the School of Admissions. I shared my testimony of party-girl brokenness turned on fire Christian and he asked me to fill out a paper application in his office.

When Taylor picked me up she had a little grin. She confessed to me she texted her friend Brian to see if he could take me on a date since I was in town. His response, once again, was no. This time he couldn’t because he was playing baseball in Cape Cod. I shrugged off the story because I wanted to tell Taylor about the possibility of Belmont! I told her to pray I got the opportunity to study what I love! My faith! I didn’t have time for boys. I was going to be a speaker and tell my testimony! Then write a book about all of my crazy God stories.  

Remember my comment about God’s protection? I want you to take note of this point.  I had two opportunities to meet Brian before my most crucial points of spiritual growth. The first, right before I became a Christian, and the second, right before I decided to transfer to Belmont. God knew if I met Brian before I made those decisions they would’ve been for the boy I had a crush on, not God.

On the plane ride back to California I dropped out of Oregon. I created an opportunity for God to step in and show me His faithfulness. I was a college drop out for 2 weeks until I found out I got into Belmont for the 2013 fall semester. I moved to Nashville a week after my acceptance. I shipped my stored U of O dorm possessions and moved into Taylor’s room for the new school year.

And then she texted Brian a new message, “My sister MOVED to Nashville, how about we take her to Sanctuary?” (A Nashville worship night.) This time his response was “yes.”

If I could go back and relive the first night we met, I would. I remember exactly what I was wearing right down to the nail polish color. I. Was. So. Nervous. I can’t recall a time I was more self-aware. Brian was the first guy to meet the new on-fire-faith me. I didn’t know what to expect or how to handle myself.

We walked into the doors of Sanctuary and Taylor immediately called him wondering where he decided to save us seats. I saw him from across the room. Really tall, blonde buzz cut in a purple polo and some khaki shorts. My head shot the other way and I pretended not to see him as I let Taylor track him down over the phone. We walked towards them after they did the whole wave-across-the-room-eye-contact thing. I sat beside him against my will. Oh the butterflies. “Was he looking at me? Can he hear me sing? Does he think I’m cute?” A million thoughts raced through my mind.

After the worship night at Sanctuary we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dessert with Taylor and, her then-boyfriend now-husband, Rich, Brian’s brother Cam and his then-girlfriend now-wife Kaylee. Brian and I sat across from each other and shared a chocolaty something.

The weeks to follow were filled with me begging Taylor to text Brian… pretty much anything. We soley communicated through her for the first two weeks like 6th graders. “Does he want to hang out? Text him and see if he’ll hang out? Does he like me? Try and find out if he likes me!!?” I was constantly in her ear. Then he started to swoop. In the midst of fall baseball and waking up for 6 am workouts he left notes and gifts at my door. He got my number and planned dates, made me a Nashville bucket list, took me on adventures, and pursued me with honor and integrity.

Here’s a post on why I knew he was the one. After 10 months of being his girlfriend, supporting him through his last college baseball season, his being drafted to the Tampa Bay Rays, he proposed to me June 26, 2014. We got married December 19, 2014. Now we call Nashville home during the offseason (October-February) and let baseball take us on an adventure during the season (March-September). I love every second of being his.

I remind everyone I know this—keep those high standards. After a really hard break-up with my high school sweetheart I never thought I would meet someone who would love me for me. Brian not only met all of those “check-list needs” but also succeeded every expectation and hope I had for the man I married. He is gentle, smart, kind, hilarious, confident, witty, hot, tall, respectful, adventurous, cool-headed, humble, competitive, open-minded, and unwavering in his faith.  

Read some of the posts below for more on getting over a break-up, surviving first dates, how I knew he was the one, and the story of our engagement.

How did you meet the person you love?

Have you ever set someone up or been set up?