5 Luxuries You Can Afford


One of my favorite Instagram follows posted about taking a MONTH off work this summer. My first thought, “of course she can.” SHE can take a month off work because she is a known artist, successful, and people will always want to work with her. My next thought, “I cannot afford that, I’m still working to get to where she is.”

This. Isn’t. True. Here are 5 luxuries you CAN afford.

Rest: Maybe that’s rest from work, sleeping in on the weekends, or taking a vacation—you’re worth it. Your mental health is too important to burnout. Schedule rest for yourself like you schedule meetings. Recharging doesn’t have to be on a celebrity vacation to St. Tropez. Give yourself the luxury of walking around Target, go on a 10-minute walk, or nestle in for a stay-cation. Rest isn’t something you earn at a certain level of success, it’s how you become successfully balanced.

Change: You can change your mind, transfer schools, switch jobs, cut your hair, and change your style. Adaptation is good for you. Push yourself to fight complacency and make changes as you see needed. Not just physical changes but personal ones too.

Saying No:  Don’t believe the lie that tells us our worth is defined by what we do. You don’t have to do whatever it feels like you MUST to be known, accepted, or loved. Maybe you’re the person who everyone counts on and you lost your boundaries a long time ago? It’s never too late. I used to think saying no was a luxury only people in power could say, but that isn’t true. Saying no is a luxury you can afford. 

Make Mistakes: Trial and error is crucial to growth. Let yourself make a mistake, learn from it, and move forward. Even if you make the same mistake once, twice, or ten times, the important thing is you learn along the way. Don’t let your mistakes define you and pat yourself on the back for taking a risk bigger than you’re used to.

Social Media Cleanse: In my business of writing, speaking, and blogging social media always feels so important. “Following, following, audience” I hear these words all the time. But don’t let your mental health suffer because you feel like a break from social media will break your career. You can afford to step away for a day or two. Ignore lie we believe that says connection is contingent on our fingertips.




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