6 Unexpected Songs on My Worship Playlist



I have a thing with worship music. I remember hating it so much in college I deleted every song off my iTunes. Disclaimer, I wasn’t a Christian then, so of course the music bothered me. But I must say, it still aggravates me for this reason: Christian-ese.

Somewhere we put Christianity in a category that only accepts content with qualifying words and phrases (aka, Christian-ese) that are so lofty it’s hard to relate to our day-to-day struggle and roller coaster of experiences.

I sprinkle in some “non-Christian” songs on my worship playlist because they’re real songs I’ve connected with other the years. Most of them bring me back to a memory or a moment God captured my heart. I like words that make me think about my human experience, why I need God, and I always imagine His love for me in the love songs. Integrating other songs on my worship playlist help me to integrate God into every area of my life--don't compartmentalize!

Here are a handful of relatable songs I listen to while I’m praising God and why.

Not Even the King by Alicia Keys

The opening line, “money, some people so poor all they got is money.” My girl Alicia goes on to sing, “they can’t afford what we’ve got, not even the king.” I love to think this is the way God feels about us: priceless.

Untouchable by Taylor Swift

In the midst of family turmoil my Dad told my family we were moving from our Lake Michigan cottage to Southern California. As a long time T-Swift fan, I turned to her for comfort. I love this song because I think about 7th grade me, crying on the floor of her bedroom, wondering what the future would look like and then I recall God’s faithfulness. From then, until now, and I’m in awe.

Bad Self Portraits by Lake Street Drive

Dear Brian, if you’re reading this, I’ll admit it. I like this song. He showed it to me this summer and I love it. I love the tempo and the sound. When I hear this song while I’m driving or journaling I get in the zone.

Take the World by Johnnyswim

Oh Johnnyswim. How do you always write such magical music? I love every single song by this band. I have lots of their songs on my playlist. This one is special to me because Brian and I used it for our first dance. Oh and, the lead singers of Johnnyswim are married… I’m always a sucker for a married duet. Brian, let’s learn to sing?!

Wasteland- Live from the Woods by NEEDTOBREATHE

Fun fact: I was at the “Live From the Woods” show they turned into a live album. Don’t I sound good?! Sometimes my life feels like a wasteland. And sometimes I only have a crack of light to get by, and that’s why I love this song. If you haven’t heard of NEEDTOBREATHE you’re missing out. Johnnyswim and NEEDTOBREATHE are tied as my all time favorites bands.

Blessings by Chance The Rapper

I watched Chance the Rapper accept his Grammy in 2016 and I haven’t stopped loving him. He proclaimed the name of Jesus in front of millions and he talked about freedom. It was gutsy and inspiring and made me think about faith in a whole new way. Oh and my favorite line, “the type of worship makes Jesus come back a DAY early.” I’ll be honest I sometimes change the song after that line.

Who are your favorite artists?  

How do you get in touch with your story?

What kind of music inspires you?




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