The Resolutions I Run Away From


These are different than anything I’ve strived for. My 2017 goals were two pages long, down to the week. I hustled hard and accomplished most everything (besides the stretching). But resolutions are meant to create change. Maybe you're like me and write resolutions you know you can achieve (more like a to-do list) instead of going where it's hard and resolving to be different. Well, not this year. It's harder to make change to your character than your schedule. I've run from these resolutions for a while but I'm fed up with my complacency. Anyone else agree? Here are resolutions I think we can all use to be present, authentic, and stronger. 

1.     Unfollow People You Don’t Know

I am more aware than ever of my Internet consumption lately. I hide under the impression that I’m using social media to connect but a lot of times I’m using it to water jealousy, comparison, and discontentment—with people I’ve never met. Maybe not all of those negative feelings but definitely an unhealthy obsession over people I will never meet. So, every time I come across some A-list celeb I find myself stalking or thinking about I click unfollow.

2.     Don’t Hold in Your Laugh

Or any emotion for that matter. I got to spend a ton of time with my family this winter and it filled me up in a way I didn’t know I needed. After they left I thought about what makes being with them different than normal? It’s all of the joy and spontaneity. I don’t pretend to be anything I’m not when I’m with them—I’m way sillier. So, 2018 is going to be a year of laughter. Somewhere down the road I believed a lie that said being cool meant being composed. Well, cool is over-rated.

3.     Stretch everyday

This is the 3rd year I’ve made this resolution (the last two have been epic failures). I work out as often as I can, I read my Daily Bible everyday, and I work terrifyingly well on autopilot. Stretching forces me to stop, breathe, feel, and lean in where it hurts. I’m not talking about going to a yoga class—I’m talking about sitting on the floor of my bedroom and pressing in where it hurts. It’s a physical representation of my weaknesses—slowing down, being still, and listening.

A lot of people declare a word over their year… I’m not there yet. I’ve been thinking about it for weeks and can’t put my finger on one. I want a little bit of my mom’s effortlessness, my sister’s silly, Brian’s contemplation, and a lot less of my rigidity, to-do’s, and “should’s”. So if you can think of a word for me, send it my way. Do you have a word? Resolutions? Goals? Inspire me!! Let’s keep each other accountable to bringing God glory.