Monthly Miller Rundown: April


Where are you living?

Brian and I are renting a VRBO house in Port Charlotte, FL until he is healthy and ready to go play on a team. I know this is very confusing for some people but let me break it down the best I can… Brian is coming off of an injured shoulder. He has been rehabbing said shoulder in FL but the next team for him is in Montgomery, AL. We are hoping he’ll be sent there at the end of April / sometime in May. It’s a waiting game to find out where he’ll be! So we are doing a month to month rental in FL with a few of his teammates until we get the green light to get out of FL!

Where will you deliver?

Oh my favorite question! I don’t know! I will deliver wherever Brian and I are living. He only gets about 48 hours of paternity leave so I will deliver in the town where he is playing. My only request for my delivery is to have him there. I know it sounds crazy but in this baseball lifestyle it’s just the way it goes. I don’t care what doctor, hospital, or town we’re in as long as we’re together.

Where are you traveling?

April 11-14 I will be in Newport Beach, CA for a baby shower! Fun fact, until about 6 months ago—my parents lived there! So I get to go see old friends and lots of family to celebrate this baby girl!! April 29 I will be in Nashville for another baby shower with even more of my friends and family!! Are you thinking what I’m thinking? What about Brian? Yep. I know. Baseball season has a way of paralyzing me into not making plans because of the possibility of Brian being called up or down but not this year! Life must go on!! God is the God of details and I trust He has all of the logistics covered.

How is Brian feeling?

By the grace of God—healed. At first, I hesitated to tell people in case I “jinxed” it but that’s not the way God works. I praise God everyday for the way He knit Brian’s shoulder back together and strengthened His faith. I will take the husband I have now ANYDAY over the one pre-injury. I saw God refine his heart like never before. Regardless of what this baseball season brings our time in rehab was not wasted.

Update on the baby’s name?

No update. We have it narrowed down to 2 great names and are going to wait to see her before we decide.

How are you feeling?

Large and in charge. No one warns you for just how big you feel pregnant. I’m bloated, 25 lbs heavier than ever before (and I’m writing this March 21… so at this point could be closer to 30). I do not sleep well. It took me a while to not feel insecure about my new curves and bumps. Body image struggle aside—I am more excited than ever to meet our daughter. I am still getting used to the idea that I will be a mom. I feel pregnant with more than a baby… I know that sounds SO WEIRD but I am more full of creativity, hope, and clarity about God’s character than ever before. Maybe it’s been reading through the Bible so intentionally this month? Or the seriousness of being responsible for another human?! I don’t know but I am grateful.